Affiliated / Associated Faculty

Affiliated and Associated Faculty

Nancy Adler, Ph.D., Vice-Chair (Department of Psychiatry), Director (Center for Health and Community)

Shelley Adler, Ph.D., Professor (Department of Family and Community Medicine) Director of Education (Osher Center)

Yewoubdar Beyene, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Institute for Health and Aging)

Paul Blanc, M.D., MSPH, Professor (Occupational and Environmental Medicine, UCSF)

Charles Briggs, PhD, Professor (UC Berkeley Anthropology)

Cathy Carson, Ph.D., Associate Professor (UC Berkeley, Office for History of Science and Technology)

Dan Ciccarone, M.D., Associate Professor (Family and Community Medicine)

Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D., Professor (UC Berkeley Anthropology)

Elena Conis, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor  (UC Berkeley, History/Journalism)

Cori Hayden, PhD, Associate Professor, Social Cultural Anthropology (UC Berkeley Anthropology)

Judith Justice, Ph.D., MPH, Associate Professor in Residence (Institute for Health Policy Studies; Social & Behavioral Sciences)

Barbara Koenig, Ph.D., Professor (UCSF)

Thomas Laqueur, Ph.D., Helen Fawcett Professor (UC Berkeley, History)

John E. Lesch, Ph.D., Professor (UC Berkeley, History of Science)

Catherine Maternowska, Ph.D., M.P.H. Assistant Professor (OBGYN)

Jessica Muller, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor (Family and Community Medicine)

Abena Osseo-Asare, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (UC Berkeley, History of Science)

Stefania Pandolfo, PhD, Professor, Social Cultural Anthropology (UC Berkeley Anthropology)

Paul Rabinow, PhD, Professor, Social Cultural Anthropology (UC Berkeley Anthropology)

Nancy Rockafellar, Ph.D., Retired, Former Director, Oral History Project

George Rutherford, M.D., Professor (Director, Institute for Global Health)

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Ph.D., Professor (UC Berkeley)

Victoria Sweet, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor (UCSF)

Janet Wojcicki, Ph.D., MPH, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Pediatrics)

Emeriti Professors

Joan Ablon, Ph.D., Professor Emerita

Christie Kiefer, Ph.D., Professor (Psychiatry)

Juliene Lipson, R.N., Ph.D., Profesor Emerita

Linda Mitteness, Ph.D., Professor Emerita

Gunter Risse, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Last modified: July 3, 2018