Allison Tillack and the Anthropology of Radiology, or how to build trust in the digital age.

Allison Tillack, MA, a double-degree UCSF student enrolled in the MD program (4th year) and in the PhD program in Medical Anthropology, aims to be a radiologist one day, and is determined to integrate technical expertise with a patient-focused approach that belies the solitary-radiologist stereotype.

In her research, Allison addresses the following question: while high-tech communication in 2012 is undeniably fast and efficient, does it also build trust? Among referring physicians who rely on radiologists, the question transcends the objective nature of science and drifts into the subjective world of personal relationships.

Thanks to the 2011 FUJIFILM Medical Systems/RSNA Research Medical Student grant, Allison had the opportunity to interview and observe a variety of physicians for six months, asking them to reflect on the elusive bonds of trust and how they were formed.

We are proud to announce that her work has recently been featured on ImagingBiz. Congratulations, Allison!
The full article is available here.

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Last modified: June 14, 2012