Congratulations to new DAHSM graduates Nicholas Bartlett and Becky Kaplan!

We are thrilled to announce our new two outstanding graduates Nick Bartlett and Rebecca (Becky) Kaplan.

Nick Bartlett, from the Medical Anthropology program, successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Down from the Mountains, Out of Time: Addiction Reform and China’s Heroin Generation.”

Becky n Nick

Nick n VA grad 2013


Nicknbecky Grad 2013Becky Kaplan from the History of Medicine program successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Cattle Disease Populations and Public Health Policy in 20th Century United States”.

Attached are the pictures of the Commencement Ceremony that took place at Mission Bay on May 17th: Professor Vincanne Adams hooded Nick, and Professor Dorothy Porter hooded Becky.

Congratulations again to Nick and Becky. We look forward to watching you grow in your careers!

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Last modified: May 23, 2013