Medical Anthropology Students

2016 Cohort

Anjana Bala BA Human Biology Stanford University, MSc Medical Anthropology University College London

Geographic Areas of Interest: South Asia

Research Areas of Interest: Reproductive technologies, post-colonial studies, biopolitics, anthropology of the body, modernity and tradition, kinship and identity

Carlos Martinez MPH San Francisco State 2015; BS San Francisco State 2012

Geographic Areas of Interest: United States, Latin America (Central America, Venezuela, Cuba)

Research Areas of Interest: Health social movements, physician and health worker activism, structural vulnerability, politically-structured health inequities, neoliberalism and health, migrant health, Latin American social medicine, critically applied public anthropology, critical public health

2015 Cohort

Laura Duncan, MSTP MD/PhD Candidate BA, Interdisciplinary Studies with focus on Medical Anthropology, NYU Gallatin

Geographic Areas of Interest: United States

Research Areas of Interest: Gender and sexuality, medical education and socialization of providers, structural competency, queer theory, patient resistance and resiliency, clinical discourses of stigma and risk.

2014 Cohort

Melina Salvador BA UC Santa Cruz, MA, University of New Mexico

Geographic Areas of Interest: Latin America, Iberia, Tribal nations, United States

Research Areas of Interest: Mental health, substance abuse and recovery, prodromal psychosis, evidence based practice, risk allocation and early treatment, health and healing narratives.

Shannon Satterwhite, MSTP MD / PhD Candidate BA Anthropology - Willamette University

Geographic Areas of Interest: United States

Research Areas of Interest: Primary care practice changes; Care in clinical settings focused on increased efficiency; Interprofessional collaboration, Group care models

Naomi Schoenfeld BA Biology/Anthropology (Reed College), MS, FNP (UCSF)

Geographic Areas of Interest: Latin America (Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela), US, Scandinavia, healthcare in transitional economies

Research Areas of Interest: Influence of power and profit on the clinical encounter, healthcare reform, pharmaceutical treatment of chronic psychiatric and somatic suffering, migration, refugees, cultural and economic constructions of primary care, trans-national healthcare utilization, global pharmaceuticals.

Karina Vasilevska-Das BA German Studies, Mount Holyoke College, USA; MSc Anthropology of Learning and Cognition, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Geographic Areas of Interest: Eastern Europe, Latvia in particular, other post-Soviet countries, Africa

Research Areas of Interest: Global health, child health and research methodology in childhood, body politics, childhood obesity, pharmaceuticalization of medicine and chronic childhood diseases

2013 Cohort

Nadia Gaber, MSTP MD/PhD Candidate BA in History & Literature & Studies of Women, Gender & Sexuality, Harvard University; Masters of Science in Medical Anthropology, University of Oxford

Geographic Areas of Interest: Egypt; the Middle East, Postcolonial America

Research Areas of Interest: protest and emergency medicine, humanitarian discourses and their uses, trauma and subjectivity; feminist embodiments; diabetes disparity; borders and blood ties

2012 Cohort

Clare Cameron BA, Anthropology (Yale University); MD Candidate (Stanford University)

Geographic Areas of Interest: East Africa; Indonesia

Research Areas of Interest: medical humanitarianism, physician-patient relationship; global health

Molly Hales MSTP - MD/PhD Candidate BA, Gender Studies and Biology, University of Chicago Fulbright student research grant postgrad, South Africa: Xhosa masculinity and health MD expected 2019, UCSF School of Medicine

Geographic Areas of Interest: Alaska

Research Areas of Interest: Masculinity, queer theory, globalization, development, (bio)medicalization; palliative care

Adeola Oni-Orisan BS Biology, Yale; MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School

Geographic Areas of Interest: Nigeria, and more generally Sub-Saharan Africa

Research Areas of Interest: gender, sexuality, maternal and reproductive health, health technologies in low-income countries setting, refugee and immigration health, intersections between religion, ritual and health behaviors, politics of international aid

Ryan Whitacre BA, Anthropology with high honors, UC Berkeley

Ryan is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

Geographic Areas of Interest: United States, global and local clinical trials, and public health systems

Research Areas of Interest: stakes of participation in medicine, prevention as a mode of medical care, and innovation in HIV treatment and prevention programs; affect, citizenship and knowledge production

2010 Cohort

Nishant Bagadia MS Sociology, London School of Economics

Geographic Areas of Interest: U.S./Latin America Relations (Cuba, Panama, Columbia) or India

Research Areas of Interest: Influence of capitalism, neo-liberalism and new ways of governing in international healthcare, the transnational movement of bodies, patients or medical resources, medical tourism and procedure specific medical travel (CCSVI, Stem Cell therapy), and/or impact on personhood.

Maryani Rasidjan BA, Anthropology, Columbia University

Geographic Areas of Interest: Indonesia

Research Areas of Interest: Gender and Reproductive Health; Post-colonial Studies; Global Health; Intersections of Social Formations, Power, and Health; Communities of Color; Health Disparities.

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