Postdoctoral Scholars

Cooke, Alexis PhD in Public Health, UC Los Angeles 2017

I received my PhD in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2017 and am now a Postdoctoral Fellow in Drug Abuse Treatment and Services Research in the Department of Psychiatry working with Dr. Kelly Knight.

Current Research: My research interests are related to understanding the social ecology of urban life through substance use. Along these lines, my research and professional interests revolve around examining the behaviors, activities and relationships communities engage in to deal with the impacts of poverty and inequitable social structures. My work is focused on examining the implementation of programs, interventions and policies developed to address these issues and identifying leverage points that are the most impactful to health.

Mark D. Fleming, PhD, MS

I am a social scientist specializing in the critical study of science, medicine, and health. My research investigates questions of stratification, embodiment, and the determinants of health disparities. My work draws from training and expertise in cultural and medical anthropology, sociology, biology and neuroscience, and public health. My project Stress and the Biopolitics of Work investigates the forms of scientific, economic, and political reasoning connecting contemporary work and the body in the United States. This research examines especially the intersecting racializations of work, modes of precarious living, and biomedical accounts of chronic disease. My current research centers on the institutional and political management of chronic illness in the United States. This research is connected to an interdisciplinary, team-based fieldwork project based at two urban public hospitals.

Last modified: October 2, 2017