History of Health Sciences Former Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Wen Shen, PhD, MD (MA Graduate, Spring 2009)
Dissertation Title: “Operating on Shadows” : Evolving Perceptions of the incidentally Discovered Adrenal Mass, 1982-2002

Wen Shen is Assistant Professor in Residence in the Dept of Surgery at UCSF.

Elena Conis, PhD (HHS PhD Graduate, Spring 2011)
Dissertation Title: Calling the Shots: A Social History of Vaccination in the US, 1968-2008

Elena Conis currently is an Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley.

Akhil Mehra, PhD, MD (PhD Graduate, Summer 2011)
Dissertation Title: The Mental Hygiene Movement in America

Akhil Mehra is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Anthropology, History and Social Medicine at UC San Francisco.

Niki Nibbe, MA (MA Graduate, Spring 2012)
Dissertation Title: Free and Community Clinics of the 1970’s: The Origins of an Essential Component of California’s Healthcare Safety Net.

Kevin Moos, PhD (PhD Graduate, Fall 2015)
Dissertation Title: Better Health is Purchasable: The History of Health Economies and Public Health, 1958-1975.

Erika Langer, PhD (PhD Graduate, Spring 2016)
Dissertation Title: Molecular Ferment: The Rise and Proliferation of Yeast Model Organism Research

Stephen Beitler, PhD (PhD Graduate Summer 2016)
Dissertation Title: A Disease Itself: The Transformation of Pain After 1945.

Heather A. Dron, PhD (PhD Graduate Summer 2016)
Teratology Transformed: Uncertainty, Knowledge, and Conflict over Environmental Etiologies of Birth Defects in Midcentury America.

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