Making Sense of Kony: Critical information on the conflict in Northern Uganda.

In the storm that has erupted over Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign, one conclusion that people on all sides of the controversy tend to agree upon is the deep, even desperate, need for more information about the conflict in northern Uganda. In an effort to respond to this demand, a group of scholars and activists with extensive experience in the region have come together to develop an on-line resource for those seeking to learn more about the conflict, its legacy in Uganda, and the LRA-associated violence in central Africa, with the aim “that the materials found in the forum will contribute to the growing public debate about the conflict and help inform both citizen activism and policy decisions“. The contributors also add: “Although divergent political positions and practical programs are reflected in the materials we present, all are founded upon a common commitment to the importance of critique, debate, and learning, with the hope that the forum will evolve into a long-term source of information on the conflict and its repercussions, incorporating contributions by a growing community of researchers and activists“. Visit the forum here and if you are interested in contributing to this blog, please send an email at

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Last modified: April 22, 2012