Medical Anthropology Former Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Gaylene Becker
Face to Face: Adaptive Response to Disability and Old Age Among Deaf People

Juliene Lipson
Jews for Jesus: An Anthropological Study

Sharon Kaufman
Identity in Old Age: A Cultural Perspective

Paula LeVeck
Psychotherapeutic Self-Help and Mutual Aid: Recovery, Inc. and the Manic Depressive Assoc

Virginia Guess
The Seventh Month: Adaptation of Families with Premature Infants

Charlotte Weaver
Role of Evolution of Language Translators in a Major Medical Center

Genevieve Ames
Maternal Alcoholism and Family Life: A Cultural Model for Research and Intervention

Kirk Dignum
Protective Services and the Elderly: An Ethnographic Comparison of Commitment and Probate Courts

Gregg Reynolds
Vocational Rehabilitation in the California Workers’ Compensation System: The Emergence and Legitimization of a Social Role

Linnea Klee
Culture and Disease in Nineteenth Century San Francisco

John O’Neil
Is It Cool to be an Eskimo? A Study of Stress, Identity, Coping and Health Among Canadian Inuit Young Adult Men

James Gray
Social Organization in an Evolving Senior Center

Craig Janes
Migration and Hypertension: An Ethnography of Disease Risk in an Urban Samoan Community

Deborah Gordon
Expertise Formalism and Change in American Nursing Practice: A Case Study

Terry Haynes
Rural Aging and the Use of Social Supports in the Upper Tanana Region, Alaska

Ronald Stall
Alcohol Use and Aging: The Results of a 19-Year Study

Norita Vlach
America y el Alma: A Study of Families and Adolescents

Judith C. Barker
Social Organization and Health Services for Pre-School Children on Niue Island, Western Polynesia

Denise Herd
The Socio-Cultural Correlates of Drinking Patterns in Black and White Americans: Results from a National Survey

Kathryn Kavanagh
Reality on the Psych Unit: The Adaptation of Psychiatric Nurses in an Acute Care Setting

Sandra Gifford
The Meaning of Lumps: A Case Study in the Ambiguities of Risk and Benign Breast Dis-Ease

Kamolnetr Okanurak
Village Malaria Volunteers in Thailand: An Anthropological Approach

Pamela Street
Medication Misuse by Older People: A Socio-Cultural Investigation

James Trostle
Managing Epilepsy: A Community Study of Chronic Illness in Rochester, Minnesota

Sandra Lane
A Biocultural Study of Trachoma in an Egyptian Hamlet

Jessica Muller
On the Boundary of Life and Death: The Care of the Dying by Medical Residents

Mary Neal
Balancing Passion and Reason: A Symbolic Analysis of the Communication Strategies of the Physicians’ Movement Against Nuclear Weapons

Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts
My Blood Boils: Folk Models of Hypertension and Compliance Among Older New Orleans Black Women

Barbara Koenig
Technological Imperative in Medical Practice: An Anthropological Study of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Mary Zhu
A Case Control Study of Diet and Benign Breast Disease

Beth Conklin
Images of Health, Illness and Death Among the Wari (Pakaas Novos)

Paul Preston
Mother Father Deaf: Identity on the Margins of Culture

Michael Nunley
The Mind Doctors’ Dharma: On the Social Construction of Hospital Psychiatry in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

Karen Heller
Silence Equals Death: Discourse on AIDS and Identity in the Gay Press, 1981-1986

Patricia Omidian
Aging and Intergenerational Conflict: Afghan Refugee Families in Transition

Pimpawun Predaswat
Khi Thut The Disease of Social Loathing: An Anthropology of the Stigma of Leprosy in Rural Northeast Thailand

Lisa Handwerker
The Social Significance of Infertility

Darcy Johnston
Broken Spirits: The Madness of Abuse

Eun-Shil Kim
The Politics of Gender in Korean Family Planning Policy

John Brett
Medicinal Plant Selection Criteria Used by the Tzeltal Maya of Chiapas, Mexico

James Quesada
Sick of War: The Meanings and Uses of Social Support in Nicaragua

Jan Gates-Williams
A Study of Strategies to Improve Black Infant Birthweights and Developmental Outcomes

Diane Melendez
The Cultural Context of Adolescence Pregnancy in Costa Rica

Linda Hogle
Re-United “States”: The Procurement of Human Materials in Post-War Post-Unification Germany

Sandra Lee
Formation of Ethnic Identity Among Korean Elderly in Japan

Christian Simon
The Invisible Blade: Technology, Culture, and Mixed Metaphor in a North American Hospital

Norman Fineman
The Perception and Management of Difficult Patients

Daniel Perlman
Project Projimo: A Case Study in Community Based Rehabilitation

Omar Shafey
Ethnomedicine and Malaria Among Tharu of Far West Nepal

Scott Anderson
Growing Old in Tzintzuntzan

Elizabeth Herskowitz
Sick at Heart: Modern Disease and Modern Therapeutics in Malaysia

Abigail Kohn
Shooters: The Moral World of Gun Enthusiasts

Chris Lockhart
The Social Constuction of Risk for AIDS and the Politics of Identity in Urban Tanzania

Jeremiah Paknawin-Mock
Thai Views of Wellness: Sabaay, Smoking and Buddist Health Promotion

Russell Shuttleworth
The Pursuit of Sexual Intimacy for Men with Cerebral Palsy

Norah Schwartz
“Siento Que Me Ahogo”: Childhood Asthma, Medical Pluralism and the Mexican Frontier

Margery Lazarus
Markets of Desire: Imagining AIDS Therapeutics in Northern Thailand

Fernando F. Ona
Of Bougie Babes and Bangy Boyz: A Cultural Study of Suicide and Other Funky Everyday Thangs

Seline Szkupinski Quiroga
Disrupted Bodies: The Effect of Infertility on Racialized Identities

Simon Craddock Lee
Caritas et Communitas: An Ethnographic Account of the Ethics and Social Values of Catholic Healthcare in Contemporary California

Linda Pitcher
Insistent Past: French-Algerian Memory in Marseille

Philippa Strelitz
The Emergence of the Hospitalist System in American Medicine: An Ethnography of Professionalization Identity, and Corporate Practice in Medicine

Angela Beattie
How do your Babies Grow? Infant Massage, Media, Markets and Medicine in North India

Guadalupe Salazar
Street Children in Chile: Second Class Citizens in Making

Beverly Davenport
Driving driven: Urban transit operators, hypertension, and stress(ed) management

Jennifer Price

Blinded by Inequality: Poverty and Blindness in Malawi

Frances Norwood
Euthanasia Talk: Euthanasia Discourse, General Practice and End-Of-Life Care in the Netherlands

Maya Ponte
Managing Risk and Uncertainty During a Novel Epidemic

Alexandra Choby
A Long Road to Truth: Diagnosing and Governing Epilepsy

Seth Holmes
“We Come Here to Give Away Our Strength”: Embodied Social Suffering, Normalization and Medical Care among Triqui Mexican Migrant Laborers

Saida Hodzic
Performing Development: Women’s NGOs, Donors, and the Ghanaian State

Fouzieyha Towghi
Scales of Marginalities: Transformations of Women’s Bodies, Medicines, and Land in Post Colonial Balochistan, Pakistan

Johanna Crane
Resistant to Treatment: Molecules, Medicine, and the Global Politics of Drug-Resistant HIV

Ippolyotos Kalofonos
Treating AIDS in Central Mozambique: Access, Adherence, and Biosociality

Jennifer Liu
Big Science and Traveling Bioethics: Stem Cell Research in Taiwan

Thurka Sangaramoorthy
We all Have AIDS: Circulations of Risk, Race, and Statistics in HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention

Scott Stonington
Making Karma out of Modern Death: Thailand and the anthropology of meta-ethics


Robin Higashi
Breathing Uneasy: Citizenship and Subjectivity in Pediatric Asthma Management

Stephan Kloos
Tibetan medicine in Exile: the ethics, politics, and science of cultural survival

Kelly Knight
The Production of Evidence and the Reproduction of Poverty: Gender, Drug Use, Science and the State

Suepattra May
Whatever She Wants: An Ethnography of American Women

Betsy Pohlman
The Ethics and Politics of Caring and Curing: The Case of Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome

China Scherz
Orphan Care and Children’s Rights in Uganda


Liza Buchbinder
After Trafficking: Naming Violence Against Child Laborers in West Africa


Shana Lisa Harris
Out of Harm’s Way: The Politics and Practice of Harm Reduction in Argentina

Allison Tillack
Imaging Trust: Information Technologies and the Negotiation of Radiological Expertise in the Hospital


Nicholas Bartlett
Down From the Mountains, Out of Time: Addiction, Reform and China’s Heroin Generation

Na’amah Razon
Medicine and Meaning: The Interaction of the Healthcare System and the Bedouin Community in Southern Israel

Jeffrey Schonberg
Violence, Gentrification and Intimate Apartheid in West Oakland


Rachel Niehuus – We Live in War: An Ambivalent Everyday in Eastern DRC

Carolyn Sufrin- Jailcare: The Safety Net of a U.S. Women’s Jail


Mark Fleming – Stress and the Biopolitics of Work

Dana Greenfield – Homo experimentus: Digital selves and digital health in the age of innovation




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