Polgar Prize for best Medical Anthropology 2010 article goes to Judith Barker!

Congratulations to Judith Barker and co-author Sarah Horton for being selected to receive the Steven Polgar Prize for the best article published in the SMA journal Medical Anthropology Quarterly in 2010! The award was given for Dr. Barker’s article “Stigmatized Biologies: Examining the Cumulative Effects of Oral Health Disparities for Mexican American Farmworker Children”, and was announced at the SMA public meeting on Friday, November 19, in Montreal.
The article by Barker and Horton examines the way that the early childhood caries (ECC) of Mexican American farmworker children in the United States sets them up for lasting dental problems and social stigma as young adults. The authors examine the role of dietary and environmental factors in contributing to what we call “stigmatized biologies,” and that of market-based dental public health insurance systems in cementing their enduring effects. By showing the long-term effects of ECC and disparate dental treatment on farmworker adults, Horton and Barker show how the interaction of immigrant caregiving practices and underinsurance can having lasting social effects. An examination of the long-term effects of farmworker children’s ECC illustrates the ways that market-based health care systems can create embodied differences that in turn reproduce a system of social inequality.
You can read the UCSF article featuring the Polgar award here and access the SMA prized article here.

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