Recent Graduates

Stephen Beitler PhD program; MA, History, SFSU

Current Research: Interested in the history of drug policy and drug use in 20th-century America.

Research Areas of Interest: His current work focuses on how pain has been understood, represented, and managed both by physicians and patients. Recent emphases in this study include the history of how pain has been measured and how the divide between legal and illegal drugs has been constructed in policy and navigated by people who implement self-directed pain management regimens. The management of pain by professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes offers a significant case study of these issues in the broader history of pain.

Heather Dron MPH, Emory University

Heather Dron has worked on a range of research project, studying human population genetics using a gene involved in immunity (HLA); interviewing Latina women about family planning educational materials, researching HIV prevention and transmission among discordant couples in Africa, and writing her master’s thesis on hypothetical HPV vaccine acceptability among mothers attending health clinics in La Paz, Bolivia. She is intrigued by the emergence of infectious disease, including historical patterns of disease transmission and human efforts to control and prevent spread. In particular, she is focusing her research on the contemporary history and ethics of biomedical interventions used to prevent and treat HIV in Brazil.

Dissertation Title: Poisoned Pregnancy: a History of Toxicity Scandals in the 20th Century

Ugo Edu BS Physiological Sciences, UCLA; MPH International Health, Morehouse School of Medicine

Geographic Areas of Interest: Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Africa and her diaspora

Research Areas of Interest: conceptualizations of sex, gender and sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, international health, colonial impacts on African societies, especially as it relates to sex and sexuality.

Dana Greenfield MSTP (BA, Anthropology and Biology, Barnard College Columbia University; Fulbright Postgrad, Gender Studies, American Studies, Christchurch, New Zealand

Research Areas of Interest: Gender, sexuality, sex hormones and normalizing technologies; intersex studies, queer theories/studies, social studies of science and technology (or STS) disability studies, identity politics, social movements and medicine; endocrinology and pediatric medicine

Erika Langer PhD program; MS, Health Services Research, Boston University

Erika Langer received her Bachelor's in International Relations and Spanish from Tufts University in 2005. At Tufts, she focused on comparative analysis of U.S. and international health policy. She pursued this interest at the Boston University School of Public Health, receiving her MS in Health Services Research from the Department of Health Policy and Management in 2010. Her Master's thesis proposed a model to evaluate structural differences between comparative health policies and to analyze the research-based rationales of policy-makers. She is currently interested in historical efforts to identify and make meaning of human biological differences, including scientific understandings of race with implications for contemporary genomics and health disparities research. Research Areas of Interest: history of hereditary and environmental disease risk definition; public health and environmental policy; U.S. medical education and medical humanities.

Kevin Moos MPhil , Cambridge University

Kevin Moos is interested in the intersection of business, medicine and governance in the twentieth century and how medicine sought to balance two sometimes competing priorities: the need to cure and desire to profit. Hoping to build on the rich comparative work of scholars interested in business history, the development of the welfare state and pharmaceuticals, Kevin's dissertation explores how different societies and international organizations have debated and regulated the ability of businesses and individual practitioners to pursue profit under the auspices of public health. Although private healthcare models and high costs were most often associated with the United States, countries with long traditions of state involvement in medicine nonetheless provided for-profit enterprises a definite role in their welfare systems as they debated what constituted a "just price" for medical care, attempted to rein in rising national expenditures and debated the appropriate role for business in public well-being. His general interests include business history, economic history, the international transmission of medical and public health thought, the medical humanities and the history of international health.

Dissertation Title: The Price of Well-Being: Medicine, Business and Governance in the Twentieth Century.

Francesca Nicosia MA Anthropology, U of CO Denver; BA, Soc and Anth: Conflict Studies

Geographic Areas of Interest: United States and the world

Research Areas of Interest: Death and dying; hospice and palliative care; anthropology of the body; subjectivity; pain and suffering; globalization and neoliberalism; medical education/medical humanities

Lisa Stern, MA in History of Health Sciences BA in History and Science from Harvard University; Masters of Science in Nursing, Yale School of Nursing

Lisa has studied the history of medicine since she was an undergraduate, earning her BA in History and Science from Harvard University in 2002. At the Yale School of Nursing, where she received her Master of Science in Nursing, she focused in women’s health, adult primary care, and history of nursing. Lisa’s masters thesis was entitled “Military Metaphors and Military Might: Nursing, Medicine, and the Meaning of Language during Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Other Epidemics.” Lisa has worked as a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood since 2006 and is currently Associate Director of Research in Planned Parenthood’s national office.

Current Research: Her current research focuses on the impact of health care, government, and social institutions on gender, sexuality, and public health.

Research Areas of Interest: Health economics; health disparities; race and ethnicity; nursing; reproductive health; public health policy.

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