RMCLAS Practice Talk this Tuesday 3/20: Jethro Hernández-Berrones on the Escuela Libre de Homeopatia de Mexico

"Cooperacion", Image from the Archives of the Free School of Homeopathy of Mexico

In anticipation of his research presentation at the 59th Annual Conference of the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (RMCLAS), third-year History student Jethro Hernández-Berrones will be delivering a practice talk entitled “Resisting ‘sanitary dictatorship’: The Escuela Libre de Homeopatia de Mexico and the construction of a plural medical profession, 1912 – 1943” this Tuesday, March 20th, from 3-5 PM in Laurel Heights Room 370. Jethro’s talk will examine how the structure of the Mexican medical profession at mid-century was defined by the politics of class, cultural perceptions of health and disease, and the role of the state in the provision of health services and education to a mostly rural and poor population. The work is part of a larger dissertation on the role of homeopathy and traditional medical practices in shaping state public health interventions during a turbulent period of Mexican history. Please contact Dorothy Porter if you plan to attend.

The RMCLAS conference will be held from Wednesday, March 28th, through Saturday, March 31, 2012, in Park City, Utah.

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Last modified: March 18, 2012