Strokes and return to everyday life. Culpeper seminar by Michael Andersen.

On Wednesday Dec 7th, Michael Andersen, PhD Candidate, Center for Healthy Ageing, University of Copenhagen, and UCSF DAHSM Visiting Scholar, is giving a seminar on his PhD topic: “Strokes and return to everyday life”. Micheal is adopting an existential perspective to frame his research on post-stroke fatigued patients who are struggling to reconstruct an ‘every-day’ life after the one they had was destroyed by the acute infarctual event. Michael is a visiting scholar from the Centre for Healthy Ageing in Copenhagen, a research center that focuses on interdisciplinary aging research for the advance of better health and reduced frailty. Research at the center is focused on five specific research themes, each of which contributes to new knowledge on how more people can live healthy lives and enjoy a robust old-age. The research programs span a broad spectrum, ranging from molecular and cellular-level research, through to individual and societal research. Beyond these five core programmes, the aim is also to conduct research across these disciplines. In doing so, the knowledge and competencies from different research areas will be combined to deliver the most thorough and up-to-date knowledge about the biomedical, social, and psychological causes of healthy aging
Michael has been a visiting scholar at DAHSM since September 2011 and will stay at UCSF until the end of the winter semester. The seminar is part of the DASHM Culpeper Seminar series and will be held from 3 to 430 pm in room 474, Laurel Heights Campus. The seminar series will continue through May. The speakers range from a number of fields of research related to the anthropology and history of medicine, and represent the diverse interests of the students in the DAHSM department. Next speaker will be on December 14th: Dr Richard A. McKay will be presenting on the concept of “patient zero” in the context of the North American AIDS epidemic and, in January, Professor Erica James and Professor Susan D Jones will be speaking.

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Last modified: December 8, 2011